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Issa Rant

A couple weeks ago I was frustrated and vented a bit on my Snapchat saying I could make a list of things dudes do that irritate me, 1. Exist and 2. Breathe…anyway, folks thought it was really funny and asked me to continue….so here goes my list . It’s mostly a satire and a tad savage lol so don’t be offended.

3. Not answering text messages

4. Asking where I’ve been (clearly living my life without you since you don’t seem to care)

5. Trying to get me to “get over” anything you’ve done to offend me (Nope, you made a mistake and I’m going to talk about it until you accept you’re wrong, yep I’m petty)

6. Inconsistent communication (We either doing this or we’re not)

7. Only asking how my day went (Really?? all you have to do is google conversation starters )

8. Only letting me lead the conversation….(I could talk to myself and have a more fruitful conversation)

9. Casually mentioning that you have children like it’s another bullet point on your resume…like “Oh yea, I’m also a father of 4, my youngest child is 2 months old, but I’m not involved with any of their mothers” …Sir, that’s actually a lot to process πŸ˜…

10. Not mentioning that you have a child/children…( I mean eventually I’ll find out so you need to say something)

11. Texting πŸ™„

12. Texting (seriously, you can’t pick the phone up and call?)

13. Not planning for a date (if you can’t think of anything for us to do, I will…but I’ll either do it alone or with someone else)

14. Only wanting to hang out (Stop being slick and cheap, I’m not coming over)

15. Asking me what am I doing and then saying “Without Me?” (Clearly πŸ˜‘)

16. Getting salty and deleting me on Social Media (that’s my job 😁)

17. Asking am I dating/talking to anyone and if I say no, assume that you are someone who could slide into that spot (I don’t want to be bothered by you either)

18. Β Assume if I enjoy talking to you that I like you romantically and want to date. (Maybe I just think you’re funny or have decent conversation)

19. Dropping off the face of the earth …have some common decency

20. Β After dropping off the face of the earth, popping back up some time later like it’s all good…BYE

21. Saying you’re not ready for a relationship and then start dating someone else 3 hours later, Bro, be a grown up and say you’re not interested…you’d save us plenty of time and energy

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