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Pray for the Greenleafs and your Pastor’s family too…


My family and I love movies and we’re always quoting them. One of our favorites quotes (we have a lot) is from Big Momma’s House when Martin Lawrence is giving his testimony as Big Momma and says to the church “Cause underneath it all, we do a lot of nasty sh*t.” Hilarious and true…we use this tag line all too often. Anytime something happens, one of us makes a mistake, or even if we forget how human we are …I’ll just turn to my mom and say “Cause underneath it all…” you get the point. Yall, everybody makes mistakes. Everyone has or has had a demon that they’ve wrestled with. We ALL need help and if anyone is trying to convince you otherwise, they’re lying! (So now they’ve made 2 mistakes, lol kidding) Jesus Christ was/is the only perfect man. Living a life free of sin to die for us so that we, in all our filth, could have salvation. Don’t worry, I won’t preach and I hope you already knew that point. I’m just trying to admonish you not to put anyone on a pedestal. We hear it all the time so I don’t know why we don’t get it yet. Jesus told you, Martin Luther King told you, and even Kendrick Lamar. (Those are the big 3. )

We’re made of flesh, which is why we are supposed to “die to self” daily, waking up and thanking God, asking him for guidance and strength to get through life one day at a time without tripping, and still reminding ourselves throughout the day when different temptations come up that we have to be spirit led and not led by our fleshly desires. I love Greenleaf and how bizarre it is because yall…underneath it all we do a lot of nasty____ (don’t make me say it lol). There probably isn’t a family that has all the issues the Greenleafs have at one time, but I love this show because it changes your perspective on how perfect you want the pastor’s family to be and how perfect you want church people to be. I know, I said pray for your pastor’s family, but yall need to pray for the church people too. No one is exempt.

Lady Mae …I’m not gonna lie, I have a lot of moments where I wonder …is she even saved? Some people have been in church for years and know the word backwards and foreword, but they’re not saved. Lady Mae might be one of those… Why did I say that? The bible says you know the tree by the fruit it bears. Lady Mae bears a lot of fruit that’s not Christ like, pray for her. Lady Mae has a Jezebel spirit, she’s manipulative, and mean. Look at the hatred she has towards her own child. My sister and I have come up with plenty of reasons to explain the way she treats Grace ,GG, from maybe she’s a child from an affair to maybe Lady Mae was sexually assaulted and it resulted in Grace being born. We all gasp while we’re watching the show because it’s so entertaining, but I couldn’t help thinking about all the Lady Maes I know while watching! Mean, “fake holy”, uppity church people, but they act that way for a reason. Lady Mae is hurt and covering her past, stuff her own husband probably doesn’t even know. Lady Mae is at church, work, and the corner store. Let’s be honest these people get under our skin, and when I go to pray, they’re NOT the first people I think of, but they should be. “Pray for them” is my granny’s go to statement. Anytime I complain about someone getting on my nerves, she’s always wants me to pray for them. I don’t want to but I’ve had/am still teaching myself that they need it most, so I should. I would hope people aren’t irritant and mean on purpose, so ask God to deliver them from that spirit, because it is a spirit.

Grace is the homie, and she’s the homie because we’re similar in that she has a hard time letting stuff go. What I love about Greenleaf is that it takes something that we are struggling with and magnifies it. By the end of the show, you’re sitting there thinking, “Man, that family is crazy!” The writers dramatize it because it’s easier to catch what that person is dealing with but they’re probably hoping we are self reflecting as we watch. I may not have as much anger and revengeful ways as Grace but seeing her act on those strong emotions towards her Uncle Mac scares me. I sit there praying; God deal with me so I don’t ever get to that point. Whatever unsolved issues I have, I don’t want to hold onto them, take them! If they’re going to end like any of Grace’s situations, stop them before they get to that point. Grace couldn’t let her ex ,Noah, go and look at how that ended. But don’t get me started on Noah yall because he’s nasty, and the “church guy” everyone warns you about, with his smooth-talking, curly hair, juggling 2 women self. And what ever happened to him? (Who Cares!) Second, Grace already said that she wouldn’t let that Uncle Mac thing go until he was dead or in jail…and judging by these pre-season commercials, one of them is coming! I wanted to just shake it out of her, watching her allow her anger to overtake her mind and actions. In the long run, she wasn’t hurting anyone but herself. I’ve heard it said that un-forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…Pray for Grace. Pray for all the Graces in your life, who have issues forgiving and turning things over to God.

Some people probably watch this show thinking: “See! That’s exactly why I don’t deal with the church now!” Well, you need prayer too. (lol) We are supposed to strive to be like Jesus, but there is no church where everything everyone does is right. There also shouldn’t be a church where everything everyone does is wrong either. I’m not saying no one is perfect, so that means we can all stop trying. Like I said earlier, we have to die to fleshly desires DAILY. I’m saying we need to stop putting folks on a pedestal and being mad when they fail. Everyone in the Greenleaf family goes to church at least 4 times a week and still struggle with something. They’re saved, but they need help. It’s not just their family either, but the writers use this family to show, even the people you think are perfect, aren’t.

At a whole other thriving church ,with a different pastor, you see struggles too…Pastor Skanks. Lord! Pastor Skanks, lol gambling with the church’s money. But he knows all his scriptures! (Underneath it all…) There is no condemnation, but we have to change the way we think about people and their struggles and we have to COMMIT to dealing with our own as well. Greenleaf is a mirror to church folk, and not just the ones with ministers in their family. The show always ends with a song and I loved one episode in the first season, it ended so abruptly and the song at the end was “Get Your House in Order” by Dottie Peoples. I literally remember screaming at how perfect it was that it ended with that song. We all need to get “our house” in order. The saving grace of the show is GG’s daughter, Sophia. In the midst of all this craziness, she’s been listening to old sermons of her auntie and truly gives her life to Christ. She’s one of the only ones living holy, judgment free, serves, studies and prays. When you see her forming her relationship with Christ, it’s like wow, this is the reason for the show. The hunger and thirst she has is genuine and one that will stick despite her family’s craziness.

Listen, if you don’t watch the show you need to. If you grew up in church, watch it. If you left the church, watch it. If you’ve ever driven by a church, watch it. If you find yourself passing judgment while watching, pause it and go re-read the first part of this blog, because you didn’t get it. Let me know your thoughts!


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