IMG_1268.JPGHey Y’all,

Thanks for joining me on this new journey of blogging. I’ll pretty much be discussing anything I have interest in and venting about things in a my own humorous way.

I decided to blog because I loovee to talk (lol) and honestly I don’t always get to engage in thought provoking conversations about EVERYTHING that interest me, so I thought, why not write about it !

I wish I could tell you I’d only write about a few topics, but I honestly write about what I feel like writing at the time. I can promise you that it will be as genuine as I am.

You should know that I LOVE black people and am passionate about the upliftment of everyone. However, I love talking about my people and things that affect us.

When it comes to the pictures… I specifically wanted to post pictures of myself with every post because in this “instagram model” day and age, I think it’s highly important that we see genuine photos capturing the beauty of everyday women of color.

That being said, I hope you all read, comment, and enjoy!